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Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Now Available For PS4, Xbox One With 4K, 60fps Support
Hitman Blood Money

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive announced that the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is now available for the PS4…

Hitman 2 Cheats Enable God Mode, Disable AI, Stealth Mode
Hitman 2 Cheats

With IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Hitman 2 out for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, gamers have…

Hitman 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
Hitman 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Hitman 2 and its Denuvo DRM was cracked by FCKDRM three days before…

Hitman 2 Launch Trailer Teases Us With Story Potential The Movies Will Never Have
Hitman 2 Sean Bean

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Entertainment released the new launch trailer for Hitman 2 featuring Sean Bean. The trailer is…

Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Being Considered For Black Superman
Michael B Jordan Superman

[Update:] It appears that Henry Cavill’s manager has stated that he hasn’t retired from the role of Superman just yet….

Warner Bros, HBO, DC Entertainment Rolls Out Diversity And Inclusion Policy
Batman No

More companies are adopting a diversity and inclusion policy. This time the parent company of DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., and…

Hitman 2 Trailer Teases Agent 47’s Return To Colombia
Hitman 2 Colombia

IO Interatcive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment dropped a brand new trailer for Hitman 2. The trailer features a look…

Hitman 2 Trailer Gives A Brief Overview Of Level Immersion
Hitman 2

The oddly named Hitman 2 (and it’s odd because there’s already a Hitman 2 called Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, which…

Aquaman’s First Trailer Is Disjointed But Visually Ambitious
Aquaman (2018)

When they first announced Jason Momoa as Arthur “Aquaman” Curry it was obvious he was going to turn in a…

LEGO The Incredibles Cheats Enable Infinite Health, Mega Studs
LEGO The Incredibles Cheats

Warner Bros. Entertainment and TT Games’ LEGO The Incredibles is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC,…

Warner Bros. Wants To Move To A Games As A Service Business Model

In a recent interview between another publication site and president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, David Haddad, it is said…

2001: A Space Odyssey 70mm Trailer Puts Every New Sci-Fi Film To Shame
2001 A Space Odyssey 70mm

Warner Bros. Entertainment is re-releasing Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 visual masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The film is still a eye-full…

Hitman: Definitive Edition For PS4, Xbox One Will Be Published By Warner Bros
Hitman Definitive Edition

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently announced a publishing partnership for the upcoming release of Hitman: Definitive Edition….

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