Wasteland 3 Delayed To August 28th, 2020 Due To Coronavirus

Wasteland 3

InXile Entertainment, Deep Silver and Microsoft’s Wasteland 3 is getting hit with a delay due to the coronavirus. Originally the game was going to be due out in mid-May, but now it’s been pushed back to late August. Continue reading “Wasteland 3 Delayed To August 28th, 2020 Due To Coronavirus”

Wasteland 3 Opening Is Filled With SJW Propaganda

Wasteland 3

You can’t even start up a game these days without being slapped in the face with Left-wing propaganda. That’s what happened with Wasteland 3, the upcoming turn-based strategy game from inXile Entertainment. After Microsoft bought out inXile there were some gamers who thought that this meant great things for the company and it would allow them to do more and go further with the development. In reality all it meant was that Microsoft and inXile would synergize their Left-wing beliefs and further irrumate gamers with their sociopolitical beliefs. Continue reading “Wasteland 3 Opening Is Filled With SJW Propaganda”

Fig Reportedly Honors Wasteland 3 Refund

Wasteland 3

Some gamers, backers, and enthusiasts weren’t entirely pleased with what they saw (and heard) for Wasteland 3 coming out of Microsoft’s X019 event. What was the issue? Well, the group that originally seemed to be composed of patriotic, straight white Christians trying to save the world were recently depicted as the main villains. The trailer was accompanied by a song that made it known how terrible men were, and pretty much seemed to regurgitate, subversively, a lot of the same talking points we see echoed by media outlets across social media. Continue reading “Fig Reportedly Honors Wasteland 3 Refund”

Wasteland 3 X019 Trailer Goes Full Woke

In my bitter cynicism that has grown only with the years when the Gamescom trailer played back in August I rolled my eyes and waited for the narrative to begin it’s worn out routine. Men are bad, patriarchy is evil and Christianity is the devil! Imagine my shock when the trailer depicted the Christian authority figure called the Patriarch as the good guy. Seemingly praising traditional masculinity as it tries  to fix a broken world. It was refreshing to say the least. Continue reading “Wasteland 3 X019 Trailer Goes Full Woke”

Wasteland 3 Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC; Features Multiplayer Co-op

Brian Fargo and the rest of inXile Entertainment announced that Wasteland 3 is coming. The game will utilize Fig, the crowd-funding investment platform for which Fargo is an advisor. Continue reading “Wasteland 3 Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC; Features Multiplayer Co-op”

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