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Vice Laying Off 10% Of Workforce, Waypoint Staff Remains Unaffected… For Now
Vice Layoffs

News has been going around about Vice reducing its headcount across its global workforce by up to 10%, or 250…

Stuck Between Points: How Waypoint Got Lost Within Its Own Hypocrisy
Waypoint Entitlement

By now, if you’re a gamer in tune with game’s media, you’ve probably heard of Waypoint. The gaming subdivision of…

Offended Game Journalists Pillory Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come Deliverance

If you’ve played Kingdom Come: Deliverance you’ve likely encountered characters sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously quipping about being tossed into…

The Red Strings Club Attempts To Appeal To SJWs, But It Still Wasn’t SJW Enough For SJWs
The Red Strings Club

There’s a saying amongst most normal people: don’t ever apologize to a Social Justice Warrior. The thing is, if you…

Vice’s Waypoint Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Asks For Revised NDAs

There were reports that surfaced about Vice, the giant media conglomerate, where former female staff expressed concerns about a culture…

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