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WWE’s Asuka Starts YouTube Gaming Channel KanaChanTV
WWE Asuka

WWE superstar Kanako Urai, better known to fans as Asuka, has launched her very own gaming YouTube channel called KanaChanTV….

IGN’s Readers Blast Them For Puling Over WWE 2K19 Not Having Female Cover Athlete
WWE 2K19

There was a time when most of the sociopolitical banter from major gaming websites was tolerated by the majority of…

Birth Of The Dragon U.S. Trailer Looks Rad
Birth of the Dragon Movie

WWE Studios is distributing Groundswell Production and Kylin Pictures Production’s Birth of the Dragon in the good ‘ole U.S., of…

CNN Blackmailed U.S. Citizen Into Apology Over Trump Meme, Argues Congressman
Trump vs CNN

A United Statements Congressman for Virginia and former Navy SEAL, Scott Taylor, took to Twitter to argue that CNN has…

Brock Lesnar Becomes WWE 2K17’s Cover Athlete
WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar

While Goldberg may have been the first wrestler announced to be playable in WWE 2K17, the immovable one won’t be…

Goldberg Takes A Trip To Suplex City In WWE 2K17 Pre-order Trailer

If you were hoping that Bill Goldberg would at some point make a return to the ring and wrestle once…

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