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#GamerGate Blamed For ChristChurch Shooting; Dissenter Access Blocked; YouTube Filters Search Results

Censorship reigns supreme during politically motivated tragedies that the mainstream media can use to inculcate plebeians with their own agenda….

SJWs Try To Get The Virgin Visual Novel Banned From YouTube, Social Media
The Virgin

Social Justice Warriors have taken aim at Arcane City Game Studios after the independent developer came to the defense of…

YouTube Bans Cross Love – Episode 1 Video Review Even Though It Didn’t Feature Any Nudity, Sex
Cross Love Episode 1

While some YouTubers worry about being demonetized by YouTube, other YouTubers have to worry about their channels being completely nuked…

YouTube Demonetizes Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Videos On Good Game Have Fun Channel
Senran Kagura

Content creators are beginning to feel the pinch as YouTube is cracking down all sorts of content featuring any kind…

YouTube Allegedly Removed Jesse Cox Video Of A Dating Sim Featuring Lewd Dialogue
Jesse Cox

YouTuber Jesse Cox has stated that One of his older Let’s Play videos of a dating sim has been removed…

‘Stop Social Media Censorship Act’ Introduced To Halt Google, Twitter, Facebook Censorship
Censorship Act

While Left-wing censorship supporters stand by and excuse politically-themed censorship from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook on the…

YouTube Reportedly Manipulated Brie Larson Search Results For Captain Marvel
Brie Larson Captain Marvel (Copyright Vanity Fair)

Anyone looking up Brie Larson on YouTube may have found that the results might be a little… duplicitous. Why? Well,…

Stop Politicizing Video Games With Race, Sex, Diversity, Says YouTuber The Act Man
SJWs Get Out

One YouTuber in the upper-brackets of the content creation circuit finally decided to have some balls and take a position…

YouTube Disables All Comments On Laowhy86 Channel

The censorship across the YouTube comment sections on various YouTube channels has escalated. Chinese expat and YouTube content creator, Matthew…

YouTube Terminates Multiple Pokemon Go, Club Penguin, WWE Supercard Channels
Pokemon Go

Multiple YouTube channels have been completely wiped off the face of the internet after the company went through a cleaning…

YouTube Terminates Don Shipley’s YouTube Channel That Exposed Nathan Phillips’ Stolen Valor
Stolen Valor

YouTube terminated the channel Buds131, which was a YouTube channel from Donald W. “Don” Shipley that was dedicated to exposing…

YouTube Disables All Comments Across Every Chadtronic Video

YouTube has disabled all the comments across every single one of Chadtronic’s videos on YouTube. If you attempt to visit…

YouTube Is Now Demonetizing Videos For “Inappropriate Comments”
YouTube Comments

If you have comments on your videos that YouTube deems “inappropriate”, your video will be demonetized. This means that you…

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