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PewDiePie Won’t Donate $50,000 To ADL [Update]

[Update:] Following the publication of the article, a video was posted by PewDiePie explaining that he won’t be donating $50,000…

YouTuber Sinatra_Says Denied Monetization And YouTube Won’t Explain Why
Sinatra Says

Sinatra_Says, a YouTube political commentator and content creator, has been trying to get re-monetized for months after he was removed…

YouTube Bans 17,000 Channels; Will Disable Comments In All Kids Videos
YouTube Censorship

Reports are coming in that YouTube has removed more than 100,000 videos and banned 17,000 channels since committing to their…

WWE’s Asuka Starts YouTube Gaming Channel KanaChanTV
WWE Asuka

WWE superstar Kanako Urai, better known to fans as Asuka, has launched her very own gaming YouTube channel called KanaChanTV….

Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels Chan YouTube Channel Terminated For “Hate Speech”
Goeppels Chan

WarMachine’s parody visual novel, Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels had a difficult time making it onto the Steam store. The game was…

YouTube Promises To Continue To Censor Channels That Don’t Actually Break The Rules
YouTube Censorship

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcick made a blog post over on the YouTube Creators Blog back on August 27th, 2019, discussing…

ProJared Makes Video Addressing Misinformation

YouTuber ProJared posted up a 42 minute video talking about some of the misinformation that’s been spreading around about him….

YouTube Terminates VDARE TV’s Channel Without Warning

Whether it’s a big, small, or medium account, if you profess Right wing talking points on your YouTube channel, you’re…

YouTube Terminates James Allsup’s Channel Shortly After Banning Iconoclast
James Allsup Banned

Censorship is on the rise and no one is doing anything about it. Many Leftists posing as Centrists™ claim that…

YouTube Bans Various Mister Metokur Videos For Community Violations
Mister Metokur

The censorship rallies continue. This time Mister Metokur, the artist formerly known as the Internet Aristocrat, was hit with a…

Nintendo Copyright Blocks YouTuber GilvaSunner From Hosting Music From Nintendo Games
Nintendo Copyright

In the same way that Nintendo can giveth fan-service and sexy-time games, they can also taketh away a lot of…

YouTube Terminates American Krogan’s Account For “Hate Speech”
American Krogan Banned

Cancel culture cultists were enraged about American Krogan’s content, as well as his interview with Edward “Jolly Heretic” Dutton –…

LGBT Content Creators Sue YouTube For Discrimination
YouTube Lawsuit

Now that the alphabet soup community is feeling the pinch of YouTube’s censorship, suppression, and demonetization, they decided it was…

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