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WWE 2K20 Being Developed By Visual Concepts As Yukes Develops New Wrestling IP
Yukes New IP

Shortly after 2K Games and WWE announced that WWE 2K20 would be coming to home consoles and PC, it was…

Rumble Roses XX, Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One
Rumble Roses XX

In seventh gen there were a number of games made to appeal to gamers of all shapes, sizes, and types,…

IGN’s Readers Blast Them For Puling Over WWE 2K19 Not Having Female Cover Athlete
WWE 2K19

There was a time when most of the sociopolitical banter from major gaming websites was tolerated by the majority of…

WWE 2K18 Mod Adds 669 Roster Slots For Maximum Modding
WWE 2K18

If you just never seem to have enough slots free for all the characters you want to add to your…

WWE 2K18 Entrance For Shinsuke Nakamura Features Singing Crowd
WWE 2K18 Shinsuke Nakamura

2K Games seems to really want to capture the atmosphere and realism of some of the WWE superstars. A perfect…

WWE 2K18 Videos Feature Braun Strowman, New Day Entrances
WWE 2K18 - Braun Strowman

Two new entrance videos have popped up for WWE 2K18, featuring Braun Strowman and The New Day. The first entrance…

WWE 2K18 Video Reveals Finn Balor’s Entrance
WWE 2K18

2K Games recently let loose a new video for WWE 2K18, this time featuring none other than the Demon King…

WWE 2K18 Videos Feature Bobby Roode, The Miz, Ember Moon Entrances
WWE 2K18

The WWE 2K18 promotional videos have been rolling out for the game featuring gameplay, entrances, and the game’s roster reveals….

WWE 2K18 First Gameplay Footage Reveals Lack Of Ring Psychology, Timing
WWE 2K18

Two new videos for 2K Games’ WWE 2K18 were released, one of which features Randy Orton versus John Cena, and…

WWE 2K18 Video Compares Graphics Upgrades Over WWE 2K17
WWE 2K18

2K Games released the very first gameplay footage for WWE 2K18, and the video compares the graphical evolutions from WWE…

WWE 2K18 Coming To Nintendo Switch, Won’t Be Gimped
WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch

WWE and Nintendo have announced that the upcoming WWE 2K18 will be making a return to the Nintendo Switch this…

CM Punk Returns To WWE 2K17 As An Epic Superstar Mod
WWE 2K17

Back in 2011, known as the Summer of Punk, WWE’s hottest commodity was an enraged, embittered and impassioned Phil “CM…

WWE 2K17 Mods Improve AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho
WWE 2K17 Mods

There’s a collection of mods being made available for the recently released PC version of WWE 2K17. The mods add…

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