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Zanki Zero, Crystar Steam Threads Decrying Censorship Get Locked, Deleted
Zanki Zero Censorship

Spike Chunsoft’s localization department in California seems to be building up a notable reputation rather quickly. Some gamers have informed…

Spike Chunsoft Says They Had No Choice But To Censor Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Zanki Zero Censorship

The announcement of censorship for the upcoming Western release of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning was met with a lot of…

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Heavily Censored For PS4, Steam Release
Zanki Zero

Spike Chunsoft was put through the wringer to censor the Western release of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. The company made…

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, JRPG Visual Novel Preps To Launch On Steam April 9th
Zanki Zero

Spike Chunsoft’s anime role-playing, dungeon-crawling visual novel that first released on the PS4 will eventually make its way to Steam…

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